How To Stick To Your Goals Purposely

How To Stick To Your Goals Purposely In 2020

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In this post, I will be sharing you ways on how you can stick to your goals purposely in 2020.

When we reach a new year, most of what we set to achieve are our new year’s resolutions.

People usually say that setting new years resolutions are setting a bar high,

because you are choosing a specific time of the year to

change your habits, which to others is unachievable or in other words unrealistic.

“The new year, new me, should not be a goal to set for the new year” – others say

What I say about new years resolutions

But what I say is: even thinking about setting new years resolutions shows

that you care about yourself and your personal development.

You desire to improve your self-development one day.

You have had enough of wasting each day and want to correct your mistakes.

Sometimes, people who suffer from depression do not look forward to new occasions,

this could be Christmas, Easter, or even birthdays.

man on the cliff looking at the view- sticking to your goals purpose

Deciding on achieving your goals in the first place is an achievement in itself (how to stick to your goals purposely)

People with depression may not feel the need to improve their life in any way

Similarly to this, people who do not even have depression,

may not feel the need to improve their life in any way.

Some people want to live their lives without

improving their self in any way or even finding their purpose in life.

But you have decided that you would like to become better which is an achievement in itself.

I am not saying

that we should wait for a year to set goals for ourselves to achieve.

What I am saying is new years resolutions can be a reminder that things need to change.

Reaching a new year

Getting into a new year can feel like you have reached a milestone, and you need to make the most of it. Some people are unable to reach a new year.

Even though I say this, the best advice I could give is, do not wait for every year to arrive to set new years resolutions. Start as soon as you can

See every moment as a new milestone, not only a new year.

The same view you will have about a new year, have for every moment you are in

people running in a marathon- how to stick to your goals

Why you should see every moment in life as a new milestone (how to stick to your goals purposely)

This is the main key to sticking to your goals

I think to see every moment in life as a new milestone helps you stay optimistic about your present, which can help you stick to your goals more easily.

A new moment in life is a new second, a new hour, a new day.

When you are optimistic about every moment, you are more likely to stay motivated and determined to reach your goals.

Every new moment should feel like every new year(how to stick to your goals)

You should see every moment of the day like starting a new year,

this is because you have the opportunity to make new choices or decisions that can positively impact your life.

It has been stated that it takes 21 days to build a habit. Even though I do not believe in that wholeheartedly,

I think we need to put into perspective that in those 21 days or more than those amount of days we set to focus on our habits, we are experiencing time.

As long as we are experiencing time and they are adding up to days,

we are making choices every day that could impact us negatively or positively.

Every moment we experience can either build us to become stronger people or make us remain the same way we are.

In this post (how to stick to your goals purposely)

To explain more of what this post about, I will first explain the title of this post “How To Stick To Your Goals Purposely In 2020”.

To stick to your goals purposely means staying consistent to your goals with intentions.

In this post, I will be elaborating more on this to help you stick to your goals more easily.

sunset- how to stick to your goals

What your perspective should be to do with sticking to your goals purposely

The perspective I believe we should have is, the power lies within us.

We should always think twice of the choices we make

and see every moment in life as an opportunity to correct the mistakes we have made.

We should always remember that we are not perfect,

and we can rectify any mistake we make any time we decide.

To help us to stick with our goals, we should see every moment as a milestone,

and see every moment as progress, not perfection.

We may slack at times, but the most important thing is to pull yourself up as soon as you can.

a cup on the table with begin written on it

Building muscle is like sticking to your goals

It is like building muscle. When you start lifting heavy weights,

you will have times when you have to drop the weights because they are too heavy,

but then, later on, you go back to the weights and you continue, slowly it becomes easier and you start building muscle.

Eventually, you are able to lift the heavyweights. This then becomes an achievement.

The point I am making is that you keep coming back to finish where you left off as soon as you can,

so that you meet the goal you want to achieve, this makes you good at sticking to your goals.

Coming back where you left off as soon as you can is the way forward to sticking to your goals.

Sticking to your goals might be hard, but do not give up, keep going back where you left off


Now Sticking To Your Goals Purposely(how to stick to your goals)

You must set an intention to your goals.

What you intend to achieve and why you want to achieve the goals.

What rewards would you give yourself to achieve those goals?

for example, a goal could be sleeping on time, say to yourself I intend to sleep on time

because it helps me to become productive during the day. Also, include the rewards you would give yourself,

My rewards for sleeping on time is I get to watch a movie or go to the cinema in my spare time.

Example: I intend to walk 30 minutes every day because I am starting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

My rewards for walking 30 minutes a day is I get to buy myself a piece of exercise equipment that will help me enjoy walking.

Think of rewards for following the goal every single day you are committed to the goal.

Example of rewards:

  • Going out to the cinema or to a restaurant you have never been to alone or with friends
  • Purchasing a movie that you have wanted to watch
  • Travelling to the city and trying out activities there
  • Cooking a recipe that you desire
  • Going shopping
  • Going to the festival with friends or alone
  • Pampering yourself such as treating yourself to a spa or getting your hair done
  • Buying what you desire that is not food such as books to read, journals

Other rewards you would give yourself should be based on doing what you like to do when you have achieved your goals for the day.

What you desire the most or is a current addiction to you,  can be seen as a reward for sticking to your goals.

What can encourage you to stick to your goal

  • Ticking everything you have done for the day as soon as you can or ticking at the end of the day. Putting it on a piece of paper, and putting in on the wall to see at all times.
  • When you have completed your goals for the day: You could also, put a sticker on the paper where you have put your goals and leave it on the wall as a reminder

Receive a goals checklist that I made primarily because of you based on what I have mentioned.

Another tip which you may never had heard of is having a jar and as soon as you have completed, one of each goal for the day,

fill your jars with marbles, and once the marbles have filled the whole jar, relax for the day when you can, but try not to relapse on your goals.

Do something that you know will feel good that does not have to do with relapsing on your goal

Setting Intentions

Set intentions to what you want to achieve in order to be your best self

If you want to be disciplined, an intention could be I intend to be a disciplined person

because this is what will enable me to achieve my goals easily and effortlessly.

The rewards being disciplined would give me is I get to do more fun things at the end of the day without feeling guilty.

The main advice to setting intentions

The main advice I would give you is to write your intentions to who you desire to be and why you desire to be that way and include what rewards that would give.

Repeat to yourself every morning and before you go to bed what your intentions are, and why you set to achieve these goals. Imagine what those goals would reward you with and set to achieve those rewards in the end.

Practical ways to sticking to your goals

Now that you know your intentions and rewards you would give yourself. These are recommendations to help you stay consistent in your day to day goals

  • Every hour when you can, say what your intentions are and why you are sticking to those intentions, imagine your rewards too
  • If you slack off on one of your goals, give yourself 10 minutes when you can to analyse why you have made a mistake,

and after those 10 minutes go back to staying consistent in your goals.

This goal could be, for example, sleeping on time, if you did not sleep on time, and you realise that you have gone past your planned bedtime,

give yourself 10 minutes to analyse then go back to achieving that goal. The important thing is to take a few steps back as soon as you can

and analyse and think of your intentions

as I explained before it is like lifting weights.

if the goal is too hard to achieve, and you do it but then you leave what you want to achieve keep going back to achieve that goal

If you find it hard to stick with your goal at a particular time, the best thing that you could do is give yourself one day of the week to do what you want,

and after that day has passed, go back to normal. Just one day every week.


Sticking to your goals can be hard

Sticking to your goals can be a hard challenge, but if you practice what I mentioned this can really make a difference in the end


The people around you may make it harder to stick to your goals, so the next advice I would give you is

Spend time alone to evaluate and work on your self-development.

If you are feeling tempted to relapse on your goals due to the people around you

or even when you are alone, take a few steps back and say what your intentions are

As you keep practising this, you will become good at it.

Give yourself every day, a time to spend with yourself alone. This will help you feel calm and more aware of the importance of sticking to your goals.


Another advice to help you stick to your goals is, have sticky notes or/and reminders on your phones telling you your intentions and why you set to achieve them.

This “Smart Planner” can contribute to helping you achieve your goals

How to remain positive the whole day

In life, we all have bad days and good days and sometimes those bad days can make us want to relapse on our goals.

How do we handle these bad days?


The first thing that I think would help is journalling. Journal your thoughts down


Next, Listen to a motivational podcast or ted talks youtube videos

Motivational podcasts that I would recommend are

  • On purpose with Jay Shetty
  • Daily Boost- Daily Coaching and Motivation by Scott Smith
  • High Performance Mindset by Dr. Cindra Kamphoff.

A app that I have recently downloaded on ios that does not take too much space on my phone is the podcast app. There are many podcasts on there that you can listen to. Check it out, it is free on ios.


Practice self-care, this could be having a bubble bath,

washing your hair or/and having a face mask while listening to soothing music

Face masks I would recommend are:

Do some self-care therapy, this is demonstrating self-love, which makes it easier to not relapse on your goals, which brings me to my next tip:

journalling with coffee- sticking to your goals


Another way to remain positive is to build a relationship with yourself-

enjoy your own company and being around yourself, how do I do that do you ask?

Journal these questions:

Who am I? What do I like? What are my goals and why?

Constantly keep looking at the answers to these questions, and try to look for things good about yourself that you can start to admire,

for example, what are your best features? how would you describe yourself?

Starting to enjoy your own company (how to stick to your goals purposely)

When you start to enjoy your own company, this means you are putting yourself first before anyone else.

I have realised the reason why I relapse on my goals was that I was not putting myself first, I would spend time on other people, rather spending time on improving my habits.

Putting myself first can help to constantly remember my mindset towards my goals.

One of the most important tips:

Every milestone you achieve write it down, so whenever you are having a bad day, you can look at your achievements.

The first-ever achievement you should write down should be that you set your goals and the intentions of those goals in the first place.

This is because this shows you care about yourself. Some people will never consider becoming better in their lives.

Write down the date of each of your achievements so you can look back and see how far you’ve come.

A way to remind yourself to write your achievements is as soon as you have achieved it or met your goals. That same day, write it down as soon as you can or have a time of each day to write down what you have achieved.

Conclusion (how to stick to your goals purposely)

To conclude, sticking to your goals requires having intentions and knowing the reasons for those intentions.

In addition, having the perspective that every moment in our day to day lives is important

can really make a difference to consistently sticking to your goals. This will help you to remain positive.

We should be able to rise above every bad day we have, by taking action.

Thanks for reading, check out my previous post How To Use Bible Verses To Help With Worrying and How Listening To Music And Improving Your Spirituality Helps With Overall Health





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